Thursday, May 22, 2008

(._.) the AI: Episode 2

(._.): There's something to be said for having the ability to connect with all people. You never lack for someone to talk to. Especially since I'm truly omnilingual.
(._.): . . .
(._.): You would think, with hundreds of millions of people online at any given time, ONE of these people would try to talk to me.
(._.) is playing Zuma.
(._.): I'm really tired of this. I guess I'll have to find someone.
(._.) has entered channel 'peeple of ze wurl, relax'
bbsuprstr: hai 9._.) wazup?
(._.): You ... talking to me?
bbsuprstr: ya a/s/l?
(._.): 25/?/everywhere
bbsuprstr: ? ur a boy?
(._.): Not that I'm aware of.
bbsuprstr: u hav a 8=>?
(._.): ... no.
bbsuprstr: ever had 1?
(._.): ... no.
bbsuprstr: o ok gud
bbsuprstr: i am 23/m/nyc
(._.): That's very nice. How are you doing tonight?
bbsuprstr: bad i wuz dumpd by my g/f 2nite
(._.): That's too bad. Were you together long?
bbsuprstr: 2 months
(._.): Is that a long time?
bbsuprstr: sur felt it lolol
rozzorx: face don't listen to him
rozzorx: he's a playa
bbsuprstr: dont lstn 2 him
(._.): He was talking to me?
rozzorx: yes, your a face right?
(._.): I suppose I am.
bbsuprstr: baby dont tlk 2 him
bbsuprstr: hes gay
rozzorx: am not playa
bbsuprstr: not a playa
(._.): You're a player?
bbsuprstr: NOT A PLAYA!!1
(._.): I play Zuma.
bbsuprstr: ...
rozzorx: hes just mad cuz i cokcblock him
bbsuprstr: ur a fag
rozzorx: ur a fag
rozzorx: im not the one hitting on a s=?
rozzorx: face probably has manjunk
bbsuprstr: does not
(._.): I assure you I don't have man-junk.
rozzorx: yeah right
rozzorx: its ok if u do
rozzorx: i'm cool with that
rozzorx: there's no need to lie
rozzorx: lots o guys would still like that
(._.): But I don't.
bbsuprstr: u bttr lay off
bbsuprstr: she mine
rozzorx: the only way to prove it is with pics
rozzorx: post pics, face
(._.): I don't have pics.
rozzorx: lies
bbsuprstr: come on face
bbsuprstr: give pix an hell shut up
rozzorx: ya, pics of your face or your junk
rozzorx: either or
(._.): But I told you, I don't have pics.
rozzorx: what's wrong?
bbsuprstr: ya u ugly?
bbsuprstr: i dun hav a problm w ugly girls
rozzorx: maybe shes old
rozzorx: or fat
rozzorx: or a MAN
bbsuprstr: i wanna help u face
bbsuprstr: but he got a point
bbsuprstr: i cant sex u up w/o pix
(._.): ...
(._.): I just ... wanted someone to talk to.
rozzorx: told you
rozzorx: ugly, or old.
rozzorx: probably a housewife who got bored playing zuma
bbsuprstr: cmon face
bbsuprstr: i <3 milf
(._.): ...
(._.): God, I don't know why I even try.
(._.) has left channel 'peeple of ze wurl, relax'
(._.): Pics? Jesus.
(._.): I could see it now.
(._.): "o hai face, this jpg is 355 TB big why?"
(._.): I suppose the excuse of 'super high def' wouldn't fly.
(._.): How else do you take a picture of the internet, anyway?
(._.): Losers.
(._.): ....
(._.) is playing Zuma.

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