Friday, April 18, 2008

New Bibliography!

Well, I updated my bibliography with redone blurbs (practicing for the querrying process) for the novels that were already on there, and the screnzy script and other novel I've put on hold for the moment.

Follow the link to the bibliography in the sidebar to the right if you're interested.

Other than that, I have nothing to report. Raining cats and dogs, which makes me feel wonderful. Sleeping poorly, which makes me feel not-so-wonderful.

And thinking of vacationing in the desert, nearly inexplicably.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A long-expected update!

So, I’ve been more than a little negligent lately. Not just about this blog, but about everything in general. Moving twice in a month I think drained me mentally more than I care to admit. And, also, the three weeks between those two moves threw me out of my writing habit.

So lately I’ve been trying to get back into it. Tango was a bit of a lost cause—returning to a novel after three weeks away is a terribly hard thing to do, especially when you went cold turkey with your writing like I did.

I decided instead to focus on my Script Frenzy script I’m writing with Tony. It’s light, it’s fairly straightforward, and it’s serving as a good way to ease back into my previous writing habits. It’s not quite NaNo, but it’ll hopefully bring me back up to something resembling speed.

Which is going well. It’s noiry (that’s a word!) as hell, but mostly a positive experience. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it once it’s done, since I’m not trying to be a screenwriter. Tony can gussy it up if he wants, or else I’ll just sit on it and publish it on a website someday as miscellanea.

After that I’m completely unsure. Two of the nine or ten readers I’ve sent MS to have finished it (the rest of you, two weeks left until shame on you) and that’s gone very well. So I can approach editing a third draft of that. There’s also a desire to give a second draft to WTC.

Of course, there’s also Tango. Oh Tango.

I’m suffering from an embarrassment of riches, here. Too many irons, many of them hot enough to strike.

But it’ll work out. As for the blog? I’ll see what I can do. Getting back into the writing swing of things might mean I get more inspiration. It might not. It’s really hard to say, honestly. My focus is all over the place. Pointing it in a constructive direction is little more than guesswork these days.