Thursday, May 22, 2008

(._.) the AI: Episode 2

(._.): There's something to be said for having the ability to connect with all people. You never lack for someone to talk to. Especially since I'm truly omnilingual.
(._.): . . .
(._.): You would think, with hundreds of millions of people online at any given time, ONE of these people would try to talk to me.
(._.) is playing Zuma.
(._.): I'm really tired of this. I guess I'll have to find someone.
(._.) has entered channel 'peeple of ze wurl, relax'
bbsuprstr: hai 9._.) wazup?
(._.): You ... talking to me?
bbsuprstr: ya a/s/l?
(._.): 25/?/everywhere
bbsuprstr: ? ur a boy?
(._.): Not that I'm aware of.
bbsuprstr: u hav a 8=>?
(._.): ... no.
bbsuprstr: ever had 1?
(._.): ... no.
bbsuprstr: o ok gud
bbsuprstr: i am 23/m/nyc
(._.): That's very nice. How are you doing tonight?
bbsuprstr: bad i wuz dumpd by my g/f 2nite
(._.): That's too bad. Were you together long?
bbsuprstr: 2 months
(._.): Is that a long time?
bbsuprstr: sur felt it lolol
rozzorx: face don't listen to him
rozzorx: he's a playa
bbsuprstr: dont lstn 2 him
(._.): He was talking to me?
rozzorx: yes, your a face right?
(._.): I suppose I am.
bbsuprstr: baby dont tlk 2 him
bbsuprstr: hes gay
rozzorx: am not playa
bbsuprstr: not a playa
(._.): You're a player?
bbsuprstr: NOT A PLAYA!!1
(._.): I play Zuma.
bbsuprstr: ...
rozzorx: hes just mad cuz i cokcblock him
bbsuprstr: ur a fag
rozzorx: ur a fag
rozzorx: im not the one hitting on a s=?
rozzorx: face probably has manjunk
bbsuprstr: does not
(._.): I assure you I don't have man-junk.
rozzorx: yeah right
rozzorx: its ok if u do
rozzorx: i'm cool with that
rozzorx: there's no need to lie
rozzorx: lots o guys would still like that
(._.): But I don't.
bbsuprstr: u bttr lay off
bbsuprstr: she mine
rozzorx: the only way to prove it is with pics
rozzorx: post pics, face
(._.): I don't have pics.
rozzorx: lies
bbsuprstr: come on face
bbsuprstr: give pix an hell shut up
rozzorx: ya, pics of your face or your junk
rozzorx: either or
(._.): But I told you, I don't have pics.
rozzorx: what's wrong?
bbsuprstr: ya u ugly?
bbsuprstr: i dun hav a problm w ugly girls
rozzorx: maybe shes old
rozzorx: or fat
rozzorx: or a MAN
bbsuprstr: i wanna help u face
bbsuprstr: but he got a point
bbsuprstr: i cant sex u up w/o pix
(._.): ...
(._.): I just ... wanted someone to talk to.
rozzorx: told you
rozzorx: ugly, or old.
rozzorx: probably a housewife who got bored playing zuma
bbsuprstr: cmon face
bbsuprstr: i <3 milf
(._.): ...
(._.): God, I don't know why I even try.
(._.) has left channel 'peeple of ze wurl, relax'
(._.): Pics? Jesus.
(._.): I could see it now.
(._.): "o hai face, this jpg is 355 TB big why?"
(._.): I suppose the excuse of 'super high def' wouldn't fly.
(._.): How else do you take a picture of the internet, anyway?
(._.): Losers.
(._.): ....
(._.) is playing Zuma.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The World Conspires, or how matt can't get it together

I'm feeling rather under the weather lately. Part of it is spring and the inevitable sinus rape that comes when all the living things decide to get all up in my face and start playing Philly cop. I survive, I perservere, but man if it hasn't sapped my energy something fierce.

That said, I'm also hella sleep deprived. It seems that even when I take a night to just pass out and sleep, it doesn't help. I need more rest, but quantity really can't go up, so I'm going to have to find a way to increase quality instead. Talk about your struggles.

I really wanted to put something meaningful here, and I had something, too, but I forgot it along the way. That's just how today's going to be, I guess. Joy and rapture.

Oh, and everyone should go see Speed Racer. I'd post about how everyone should go see Speed Racer, but in that time you could be at the theatre already.

Monday, May 19, 2008

When responsible writers go bad.

I figure that considering I've been gone for weeks and weeks and this is supposed to be a blog about my experiences with writing, I might as well make a post about writing. And considering I'm an advocate of writing every day, keeping the eyes on the prize, and remaining dedicated, I figure that an explanation of me slipping from my own advice would be perfect fodder for a post.

I finished editing Marton Syan March 2nd. In that time, I've written the first thirty pages of one novel, and the first 15 of another. I wrote a script that's now collecting dust. I've taken multiple breaks, where I did little but read lots, or watch lots of movies, or nothing in particular but sit around and be lazy.

Why? A couple of reasons. The most important one was that for the first time since I started my writing adventure, I was tired. I had written two novels and edited another in six months. That kind of output isn't easy and I worked hard to achieve it. Once it was done and I let the dust settle a bit I realized I was horribly fatigued. I didn't just need a break from working on novels, I didn't want to do any writing.

So I let the blog lapse. I let me initial readers work on Marton Syan. I planned and got distracted by my screenwriting adventure for a bit and I've taken more time to goof off and go out and have fun. These are not bad things, really.

Another important factor was real life. In that time since March, I've moved twice and been dealing with changing my life situation. It's not really something worth getting into, but lord knows it contributed.

The final reason is much more ethereal. Things have changed in my writing between now and this time last year. It's grown much more serious, which is to be expected. But as my own skill level increases I realize that this is soon going to stop becoming an amateur thing and will begin to make the transition into a (hopefully) professional gig and ... to be honest, that's a little daunting.

Many writers are afraid of failure. But those that work past it realize that the only thing more terrifying of failure is the paralyzing realization of just what it takes to move from hobby novelist to professional writer. The gap is as wide as forever and as sudden as an instant. And the fissure between the two sides is enough to swallow you whole to where nobody will ever find you.

At this point, I have to try to bridge the gap. I've finished a couple of novels, and I have one that's edited and has been read and supported and is ready for another edit before it goes out into the world. The impending agent-to-publication process is going to take up most of next year, I'm sure, and it's intimidating.

So, to be honest, I got cold feet. I just needed to check out and get a little perspective on it.

Does that mean I've worked through it? Not in the least. But I'm tired of not working and I need to go back to doing something. So I'm gearing back up in my books. I'm restarting the posting in the blog. And we'll see how well the slightly more grizzled, slightly wiser Literary Rock Star fares going into the second half of the year when it's all editing and preparing for the up and coming joys of querrying and rejection.

Should be a ride. Until then, I'm out of here.

Does this mean I'm famous yet?

Well, I said Morgetron would offer an interview about me. And she came through in spades. This was posted on Friday, but this weekend was spent buried up to my next in music that I was trying to organize so it'll have to be now.

The Interview