Tuesday, January 1, 2008

sketched bibliography

The following is a list of all the novels I've completed up to this point. Contained within are the title, my shorthand abbreviation for the blog, a rough summary about them, and a note on their status and written history.

Once these get published, I'll take great delight in adding ISBNs for them. We can only dream.

The Margot's Quest for the Sun [ margot ]
written fall '03 to spring of '07

In a world of oceans and islands, Atrius emerges from the island of his birth with a long-smouldering quest suddenly leaping into his heart. Rejoining the wider world, he's thrust into a world on the brink of cataclysmic change as he pursues the agenda that burns in his own heart--a long lost love, calling to him from across the sea in a land where the Sun was birthed.

current status: first draft, 210,000 words
current plans: on hold until I can bare to look at it again

Marton Syan [ MS ]
written july '07 to october '07

New York City, home of millions. Among them: a shock artist with the deadline of his amateur career right as he becomes persona non grata in the press; a garage band musician who's just remembering what it means to dust of the dream again; and a button-down broker suddenly feeling the pinch of his empty life and the trophy wife whose free spirit he was never entirely able to squash.

Headed there way is Marton Syan, a band that's attained the status of myth, whose first and only live performance lead to a riot and a dozen deaths. As Marton Syan blazes across the US on tour, it's final show in New York pulls everyone into it, and four disparate lives are pulled together for the concert of a lifetime.

current status: second draft, 98000 words
current plans: second draft sent out, ready to prep third draft mid-summer 08

Ways to Commit Suicide When You're Bored [ WTC ]
written november '07 to december '07
NaNo Novel 2007

Max has hit an interesting time in his life—he’s dropped out of college, stuck in a dead-end job in the middle of Nebraska, and longs to have someone special in his life after a bad break with his long-standing girlfriend. So when an old flame shows up at his door, he leaps. The problem? She’s well on her way to popping a kid and asking him to help her get a not-so-legal solution.

Now he’s scouring through the city, trying to both win her and deal with his crumbling life. It doesn’t help, though, that her arrival has set off a long-awaited mental collapse. Or that his imaginary companions are now fighting over what he should do. Or that there’s a horrible specter out to get him and the only way to protect himself is to wall himself in his own mind, out of touch with the outside world that needs him more than ever.

current status: first draft, 103,000 words
current plans: editing scheduled for summer, 2008

Of Children and Chimerae [ OCAC ] <- FILM SCRIPT! written april 08 (co-authored by Tony)
script frenzy 08

Justin Lowe’s son, Dustin, has been taken. The cops are looking, but they’re looking in all the wrong places. Justin knows who took his son—Georg Henrikson, a long-suspected, never-charged pedophile who seemed to vanish not long before Dustin disappeared. Yet when his only proof is a hunch and his disturbing dreams, it’s hard to get the police that interested.

Justin, armed with nothing but determination, decides to set out and find his son. With only one sympathetic detective to help him, he begins to look into the depths of the underworld where children are bought and sold at a rate to rival Wall Street only a scant few blocks away. What follows is a disturbing trek into the darkest parts of reality, as his nightmares begin to show him clues and lead him further and further down the trail left behind by Henrikson and the victims he’s claimed.

current status: finished
current plans: none

Tango Diagonal [ tango ]
started march 08

Frank is a time-traveler. That’s right, the good old bread and butter back and forth to the past and future kind of time traveler. But when he’s suddenly approached in the year 2385 with an offer to attend an elite time-traveling academy, he learns two things: 1) some people can travel forwards and backwards through time, some people can travel side to side through the universes, but it takes a true rock star of time/space travel to do both and 2) if you meet your soul mate, they’ll always be your opposite in ability and together you can move about as if you were a rock star of two.

Then he meets Samantha.

But why oh why does she have to be such a pain in the ass? And why is it that despite his resistance, he just can’t turn down the ability to see everywhere? So begins a whirlwind of adventure and suffering, as Frank realizes that his soul mate is a royal bitch, but there’s just too much to do to worry about trivial details like the whims of an unbalanced girl in control of half of his destiny.

current status: on hiatus until further notice
current plans: to be resumed at a date TBA

The Cafe Between Reality and Dreams [ cde ]
started may 08 finished october 08

When Melody Aames receives a sudden phone call from Jason Wickham asking her to come to the desert, she follows. Maybe it's because she still feels slighted that he dumped her once and wants a second chance. Maybe it's the allure of the 'secret project' he says he's working on. It certainly doesn't hurt that Jason is the world's foremost technological revolutionary, a man who is poised to change the world.

Yet when she arrives, she finds a project in turmoil. Jason's new prototype communications device is unstable. One team member has died already due to a malfunction. Some members of the team say that it will fall apart. Others say that it's so complex that it's ascending into something greater than even Jason could have predicted.

Now Melody is thrust in the middle, charged with being the outside eyes on the project. But as pressure mounts from both sides and the project itself starts to reveal its secrets, is Melody even equipped to make the decisions asked of her? And even if she can, will she be able to make them in time?

current status: first draft, 76,423 words
current plans: set aside for editing at some future date

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