Wednesday, December 26, 2007


So MusicBob has a game called Brick. It's breakout, of course, but they call it brick. You start off with two rows of bricks to break. You get the drill. If you don't know what breakout is, you need to go find out.

Anyway, once you complete the first cycle of stages, it starts over, except you're juggling two balls. And then when you complete that, it starts over, except you're juggling three balls. And then suddenly your paddle gets cut to 50% its normal size for cycle 4. Cycle 5 sees the return of multiball.

I was at Cycle 6 when I lost just now. 593 points.

I think I'm officially done playing brick forever. I don't see how I can do much better without an outrageously stupid time commitment.

That is all.

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