Tuesday, December 4, 2007

In My Head, We're All Doing the Time Warp Again!

I woke up today and I swore it wasn't 6 AM. That just wasn't possible. It was another filthy lie constructed by the bourgeoisie, just like logic and pork. And yet, because there's money to be made and I don't like the idea of not making it, I slowly disentangled myself from my bed and got myself going.

Or, I made a valiant attempt at it. You see, it didn't work for very long. Soon enough I was once again nodding off, but this time it was sitting here at work. Maybe it was my big breakfast of yummy hash browns? Maybe it was the caffeine I had had to wash it down with. Perhaps it was the < 6 hours of sleep I had last night. I would guess some horrible triumvirate bent on my personal destruction.

And that was when I decided to get proactive!

I have a great amount of energy on reserve, like most people. It's just usually untapped. Most of mine is my belief-energy. A great reservoir that I keep, much like Alaskan oil, for a time when I'm exhausted and I need it. Mainly for if inspiration strikes or I have to do some mental construction and I'm drained. Hence why it's belief-energy. It's there to support my beliefs in my art and myself. But that's hard to tap when it comes to just getting through my work day. My body physically rejects those connections.

That's when I decided to change my music. I live in my music every day, my iPod is on for hours and hours each day so I can tune out my noisy work environment and have a pretty extensive soundtrack to my life. It entertains me to have music. I focus much better with it than without. Feeling my eyes beginning to droop into the final depths of exhaustion and sudden narcolepsy, I threw it onto the one thing that would save me:


Now I don't know if most people know this, and wikipedia doesn't really have an article on it, but the power of the musical cannot be denied. If we could create an engine that would run on musical, it would operate at 150% efficiency and look/sound awesome the whole time. It would be a perpetual motion machine. It would power the world with no pollution, aside from the noise pollution inherent in it.

World peace exists. It's in the power of song and dance.

So now I'm hopping from Hedwig to Hairspray to Phantom of the Opera to classic Disney to Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'm trying hard not to completely rock out. I'm trying very hard not to sing along. But I'm much more awake. And I remember what I know to be true:

If I had a genie, I would wish for life to be more like a musical. Then I'd go to a coffee shop with my friends and sing about being yuppie and pretentious while doing a choreographed dance number with steaming coffee and tea cups and barristas in flashy costumes leaping through the air with long strings of coffee beans and fellows dressed like professors doing backflips while shouting the names of various isms as the beat and refrain.

Yeah I feel much better.

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