Monday, January 21, 2008

Leave Taking

So I’ve kind of been taking a break lately. The editing has stalled and I was forcing it and it just wasn’t working out for anyone. The book was hurting. I was going insane. And my poor friends were dealing with sorely tested patience as I went through day after day of frustrated editing-angst.

I eventually just let it go. I’ve been working pretty solidly for a few months after never doing it before. It might be time to sit and let the batteries recharge a little. So I’ve been doing that for two weeks. My brain feels a little better. My ideas machine has started working again. I’m watching a lot of movies and reading a lot and learning more and more. I have entered an absorbent phase.

Right now, I’m starving for input. I just devour articles and lectures and learning. I sit and watch movies compulsively. I tear through reading. And I use it all as food for whatever infernal machine powers the thing that is me. Hopefully, the engine will be roaring soon, and we’ll be back on track, but I’m not really going to hold my breath too much. I kind of deserve a break, and I’m willing to take another fortnight if that’s what it takes.

While I’m doing that, I’m kind of working on the blog, but … my mind and attention is elsewhere. I’m writing stuff, I’ve scrapped a couple thousand-word articles because I felt they were written not with passion but out of a sense of obligation. If this is a job, I’m not going to do it. I do this because I love to talk and think at an audience that is hopefully receptive.

Oh, yes. I almost forgot: Rayne at So Many Stories gave my blog a wonderful little review. Very nice, though I wonder if it’s just because she met me and I gave her a little-known webcomic. That kind of gift tends to inspire insane gratitude. I know I’m very thankful to the person who gave me said webcomic.

Writing other articles. I’ll post what seems most pertinent. Hopefully you’ll forgive sporadic content in exchange for getting content that I really believe in and feel good about. I know I would.

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