Sunday, January 13, 2008

What the?

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What the crap is this? Apparently, my blog is for junior high school reading level. I think this is crap. Shite! SHITE AND BOLLOCKS! I will have my revenge, just you wait. I don't suffer these sorts of slights lightly. When I strike, it will be swift and decisive. Until then, I'm going to go sulk.


J Morgetron said...

Yeah. There is some sort of major flaw in their system.


They gave me waaaaayyyyy too much credit and you not nearly enough.



Rayne said...

Ha! My blog is at a high school level! That is better, right? Maybe if I sprinkle some swear words in there or something I can get it up to Adult level?

knittingjenni said...

Ah Ha!!! I got Genius :)

Your friendly NaNoWriMo buddy Ryllan