Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Again, found in my inbox

[ was an attempt at a spoken piece, should I ever find time/ability to do slam poetry. not good, but I'm throwing it up anyway ]


I am so sick of apathy.

I'm sick of going through my day seeing people going through their day
Not a care in the world aside from their own little worlds.
The blinders are on. The haze is in place.

We have no response as a people anymore.

You can try to talk to them,
To tell them about the world and all the things I see in it
The good which is oh so good and pure and full of potential.
The bad which is hateful and bigoted and destructive.

And the ugly.

Oh the ugly.

I try to tell them, without really telling them, that they're ugly.

That's right, I said it. Ugly. UG-LY. Like a wet sound in your throat when you want to throw up but can't and you just spit bile instead. And I know that sounds gross but I'm talking about something that's pretty gross. Actually, it's more than gross.

It's ugly.

Every person who cares more about American Idol than the president election.

Every person who cares about Britney Spears more than they care about war. Not just this one, but any war we may end up fighting.

People who spend all their time trying to escape the big scary world by hiding in their holes crouched down with their TVs and their friends and they're fun and they're families and their entertainment.

Until the world looks too big and fearful. So they hide even harder.

It's ugly.

And the other side is just as ugly.

Those people who float around saying that they're better because they read big books and volunteer to help lost animals and know what they've read in the paper over their health-conscious vegan bacon. Those people who claim to care about the suffering of the world but have never ever had to worry about going hungry or not having power or clean water or living a life where you fear that the people around you could kill you at any moment without anyone really lifting a finger.

To them, the world doesn't have problems. Instead, it's full of issues to support.

To be trendy.

The root of pretension is pretense. Falsehood. And these people are so full of themselves and their pet projects that they wouldn't know truth if it came up and slapped them. Most likely because their faces are numb from smiling so much.

It's ugly.

But what can you do? So many people hiding behind their lies or their noise, so many people either cowering in fear or pretending to help to kill their guilt. \
And nothing gets done.
People suffer.
People die.
And everyone goes on as if it doesn't matter so long as it doesn't matter to them.

Well, it matters. And that people can so willingly turn away from so many things that need attention and action is the really horrifying thing about us.

No, not horrifying.




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