Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Writer's Theme Song

This one comes from Sarah, who grabbed it from someone else (as usual, I can't be bothered to trace that line back to it's source, play link tag if you must).

The goal is as follows:

Find a song that sums up what you think it means to be a writer and post the lyrics on your blog and why you've chosen it. NB: It doesn't have to be your favourite song, it just has to express how you feel about writing and/or being a writer. It can be literal, metaphorical, about a particular form or aspect of writing - whatever you want. Then tag 5 others to do the same (reprint these instructions).

I'm a big believer in songs tied to projects. In fact, I have dozens of songs that evoke the memories of each of my books. But one about writing in general? I wasn't sure if I knew of any piece of music that was up to the task.

Then I remembered that I did and do. And that it's a pretty good one. I think that why I chose it doesn't require explanation, so I'll simply segue right into the song (because that's what you truly care about, I hope). Unfortunately, this is a radio edit of sorts, but I happen to greatly adore the video.

And the lyrics:

by The Dresden Dolls

There is this thing that's like touching except you don't touch
Back in the day it just went without saying at all
All the world's history gradually dying of shock
There is this thing it's like talking except you don't talk
You sing
You sing

Sing for the bartender sing for the janitor sing
Sing for the cameras sing for the animals sing
Sing for the children shooting the children sing
Sing for the teachers who told you that you couldn't sing
Just sing

There is thing thing keeping everyone's lungs and lips locked
It is called fear and it's seeing a great renaissance
After the show you can not sing wherever you want
But for now let's just pretend we're all gonna get bombed
So sing

Sing cause its obvious sing for the astronauts sing
Sing for the president sing for the terrorists sing
Sing for the soccer team sing for the janjuweed sing
Sing for the kid with the phone who refuses to sing
Just sing

Life is no cabaret
We don't care what you say
We're inviting you anyway
You motherfuckers you'll sing someday...
You motherfuckers you'll sing someday...
You motherfuckers you'll sing someday...

Unsurprisingly, the Dresden Dolls also provided the soundtrack for the first draft of WTC, and contributed what is undoubtedly the theme song of my 2008 NaNo novel.

I won't tag anyone, because I rarely do that, but if you want to do this (and if you're a writer who reads this that I don't talk to, you really should drop me a line and say hello!) feel free to do so. Just lemme know so I can take a peek at what you chose.

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SeD said...

I seriously love this song, and I'd kind of forgotten about it. They played it on an alternative station here a few years back, but I haven't heard it since. Good choice.