Thursday, November 29, 2007

And so it begins, I hope

Salutations and whatnot! This is my first post on this new blog. And this is my first blog, so I'll make all the 'new blogger' mistakes, whatever those are. I don't read blogs, so I don't know. But I assume, like everything, there are new mistakes. So I'll just start and say a bit about myself, and we'll call this our nice little intro.

I've written before. I mean, published online. I have a livejournal which I've had forever. Since paid accounts were the norm and free accounts didn't exist without special codes. But that's not the same thing. This is more official. This is the public face of an aspiring novelist, even if I want it to be personal and whimsical and all the other lovely things that it could be.

I am an aspiring novelist. A working novelist. No, I don't get paid yet. I haven't been published yet. I haven't even started looking for an agent yet. In fact, I haven't edited a single novel. That comes soon, but not right now.

I'm not your 'I want to be a writer but I haven't written anything' novelist, either. I've written two full novels, and working on my third (a project I have done for NaNoWriMo [] that I'm still wrapping up even if I won NaNo for 2007). I might as well let you know what they are, because I'll be referring to them by name or abbreviation probably ALL OF THE TIME.

My first novel, a four year affair that now stretches a very messy 200,000 words is The Margot's Quest for the Sun, usually shortened to Margot. Great epic fantasy sort of stuff.
My second novel, a svelte 100,000 words, is Marton Syan, usually called MS.
And this current one is my NaNo novel, currently at 62000 words, called Ways to Commit Suicide When You're Bored (or Ways to Commit or WTC depending on the day)

As soon as WTC is done, I will probably A) begin editing MS for a March 1st deadline to get it to my first readers and B) start a new manuscript.

The goal is to be looking for agents by fall of 2008. That's a good goal, very achievable if I don't screw around. This blog will help archive my efforts editing for the first time, though first I'll be ranting about my novel as I streak into the climax and the finish. Anybody who reads this, if I give myself a goal and don't finish it, feel free to blast me and tell me to get on with it. Encouragement makes me happy, and it makes me write when I don't want to.

That's enough for now. I am at work, more on that some other time, and while this helps pass the time I don't want my intro to be giant wall-o-text. There will be plenty of time for that later. Plenty, plenty of time. Bwahahah!

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Rayne said...

I wouldn't dare blast you for missing a goal. That would be totally hypocritical of me.
I can't think of any 'new blogger mistakes' off hand. So, we'll use you as a learning experience.