Sunday, January 6, 2008

Because Morgetron's been an inspiration.

Next on VH1s Behind the comics: Pooky. After Garfield, this bear fell and fell hard. Columbian stuffing, a public rivalry with Paddington Bear, and that fateful day of the Third Grade intervention. Stay tuned!


J Morgetron said...

Hey Lit Rock ... Thanks for playing my silly game.

That is a sad sad picture, isn't it?

I really want to see your previous obscure one some time:)

Love the headline too;P


Literary Rock Star said...

You don't want to see the obscure one, I promise, because it was only funny to me. Seriously. I'll explain the reasoning I was using, though.

You have a picture of a lobster (stuffed) underneath a John Lennon album. Now, being a Lennon fan, I know that Lennon has gone on record as saying that when he first heard the B-52s Rock Lobster, he realized that Yoko Ono's 'sound' had become mainstream, and told her that.

I don't know. I like the B-52s and I like Yoko Ono, but they don't sound REMOTELY similar to me. I mean, kind of happy surf crap and crazy asian woman screaching like a cat in heat. I don't see the equals sign there.

But the joke was going to be about the lobster under the Lennon album, and I assure you that would have been HILARIOUS. For me. But not for anyone sane or normal.