Monday, January 7, 2008

Free Book for Omahans

I was shopping at Thrift America this afternoon, hoping to kill time, when I found a copy of Machiavelli's The Prince. This is a strange book to find in a secondhand store, to be sure, but what is even stranger is that I found it, placed properly (by alphabet, anyway) in the children's section. Being a big fan of Mr. Machiavelli and his work, I decided, post haste, to liberate the book from the clutches of the ignorant and deliver it into a hopeful future.

The only problem is, I already own a copy of The Prince.

But, my loss is someone's gain. If anybody wants a free copy of The Prince, you're free to have it, under the condition of A) you're in the area because I don't travel to give it to you and B) you're going to read it, or can give it to someone you know who will. Don't worry, it only put me out .44 cents, but the copy is in decent condition, with just some cover wear.

Offer stands until someone takes it. I'll edit when that happens.


J Morgetron said...

This is just Morgetron bait.

Isn't it?

Of course I want your book. Has anyone else claimed it?

Maybe if you win the contest we can just make a trade ...

... somewhere in public in broad daylight ... to ensure that I don't abduct and molest you, of course.



PS: I have never read *The Prince* or anything by Signor Machiavelli for that matter.

Literary Rock Star said...

I'm not popular enough to have people wanting to claim it. :p But I figure you would, of all people. All my close friends already own the book.

And yeah, you're free to have it. And public places in broad daylight are fine. I look kind of scary anyway. Though I'm liable to scamper and flee should you make any sudden movements. I'm awfully shy.

But consider the book yours, unless you decide against. I'll even like ... personalize it. So when I'm a famous author you can be like "He slummed me this cheap book, see!?" and people will Oooh and Aaaah.


Lemme know about hashing out details. It's a fun little book, worth reading.

J Morgetron said...

OKAY. I will move this convo to email.


J Morgetron said...

PS: Morgy Scary Toooo + Shy (unless drunk). (I promise ... I won't be. Hahahaha.)

ThreeFour said...

As a counter offer, here is an even better (i.e. non sociopath) book, which everyone can access as it is in e-book form; it is by Emma Goldman:

Literary Rock Star said...

Machiavelli isn't really a sociopath by any definition. He outlines quite quickly and efficiently the best way for a single being, not elected or appointed, to rule with the least amount of strife. If anything, given that there will always be Monarchs and Tyrants, Machiavelli's treatise on politics should be seen more as an option as opposed to neglecting your people or killing them or causing them more harm.

Not to mention there's good weight behind the argument that Machiavelli didn't believe a bit of the Prince. Yet it's still valid philosophy.