Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here thar be lists!

Here’s another arbitrary update because I’m uncompelled to produce content. It was either this or work on the script, and to be completely honest I’m just not feeling the whole noir vibe under fluorescent lighting. Maybe it’s just me.

By all accounts (barring complete block or disasters both medical and technological) Tony and I should be finishing the script up by Friday. Which means that I’ll be free to pursue other things. There are three that are standing at my door waiting for me.

1. Finish writing Tango
2. Edit WTC
3. Do a third draft on MS

I’m not really keen on 3, since it’s been only two months since I kicked it back out, so I’m bouncing between the other two. Opinions have been weighed in, though they’re mostly biased. I don’t know what I want to do, though, and since I’m the one who has to sit down every night and be happy with my output, this is something of a problem.

I also am tempted to do something rash and foolish. I won’t say what, but there are a few options not listed up there (4-6, I think, offhand) and they’re tugging at me from time to time.

I have until Friday to figure out what the hell I’m doing. Saturday, if I really want to press it. When these are decisions about what you’re going to be spending the next two months of your life focused on, this sort of indecision is a real pain in the ass.

Maybe I’ll just do all six of them at once and break down from the stress and lack of sleep.

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