Friday, April 25, 2008

Sayonara, Silver Screen!

Well, me and Tony have officially won Script Frenzy 2008. It's been an interesting month, we me moving during the first week and Tony ready to move next week, but somewhere in between, when I wasn't doing taxes, I figured out how to write a screenplay.

Not a good screenplay, by any stretch of the imagination. It's poorly paced (books aren't movies) and talky and confusing. But it's done. 100 pages even. I even had to concoct a scene that I'm sure would find it's way onto the cutting room floor in an instant to grab those last two pages.

For a writer like me, with elephantitis of the word count, this was an eye-opening experience.

Screenplays are an interesting game. The lack of narration, the sparsity of descriptors, the funky and oh-so-easy way to throw out massive amounts of dialogue are all wildly different from the books I'm used to. It's a fun medium, I'll admit. The only problem I have is what comes after--when you finish a script, you still have to ship it off to hope that people can hack at it and reinterpret it before people see it.

I could never deal with that disconnect. It'd drive me mad. No, I want my words to be what people experience. If that's ego, it's ego. I'm okay with that.

But now that April's over, and the script's done, I'm looking forward to NaNo in November, and Screnzy next year, where I'm sure I'll dabble again (whether me and Tony team up for another script remains to be seen, a year is a long way off).

Until then...

Ciao, Hollywood!

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