Friday, May 30, 2008


So on Wednesday I went to Family Fun Center with Tony and Kathleen. Family Fun Center is the local arcade where all the cool games hang out (despite the most atrociously inefficient maintenance crew evar).

The main reason to go was for the Bemani, of which they have tons of types. But unfortunately, the Pop'n Music machine had two broken buttons and all that was left was ParaParaParadise. Hours of ParaParaParadise.

Needless to say, my arms were rubber. I've been working on getting better slowly at home, but it had been months since I had played seriously and I don't think I had ever played that many times.

So I'm still feeling sore, 2 days later. Lovely. Oh well.

There was a death vortex forecast for yesterday, which isn't so fun considering the crazy amount of tornados this year. So I had to unplug Ghita and let her sit out the ensuing lightning blitzkrieg (rather redundant, ja?) and was left with little to do but to replay a case in Phoenix Wright and then sleep. Sleep lots. With crazy dreams that might have been in HD. They felt abnormally vibrant.

Today is Friday. I'm left with some options about how I want to spend my evening. I could go out and finally see Indy 4, or head to my favorite bar with Adam. Because my job transition has put me into a weird paycheck thing, I'm thinking I'll probably end up going with movie, since that's cheaper, but we'll see how the day plays out.

This weekend is reserved for trying to get back into the writing groove, which has been incredibly difficult. I'm tempted to work on the new project, but I'll likely end up finally writing a bit for my serial fiction Hiroki Sugai. I think it may be easier to get back into writing with short fiction than it will be to try to jump headfirst back into my novel after so much time off. But I'm not positive, and in the end it's all a bit of a crapshoot.

Now that Boston Legal and House are done for the summer, I lack a show to watch. I don't know really what I should go for next, if anything. I'm currently catching up on Boondocks and watching Dirty Jobs on and off.

I really really want to play MGS4 now that it's on our doorsteps. I've been a huge fan of MGS for years now (I even like Raiden!) and having to sit one out doesn't make me happy. But, I refuse to buy a PS3. It's just ... not worth it. Two games (MGS4 and FFXIII) do not justify that kind of price tag. Going the Wii60 route, even if it limits me from two of my favorite series, is much more cost-effective and fulfilling in the long run.

Is that it? Hrm, I think so. Expect a music-related post this weekend, but outside of that I'm not sure I have all that much to say. Sarah's been bugging me to offer writing-related posts, but I really don't have that much writing news. I'm lazy, I'm struggling, and while I could write angsty emo-poetry about my writing troubles it's not exactly going to be something I want to share.

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