Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The World Conspires, or how matt can't get it together

I'm feeling rather under the weather lately. Part of it is spring and the inevitable sinus rape that comes when all the living things decide to get all up in my face and start playing Philly cop. I survive, I perservere, but man if it hasn't sapped my energy something fierce.

That said, I'm also hella sleep deprived. It seems that even when I take a night to just pass out and sleep, it doesn't help. I need more rest, but quantity really can't go up, so I'm going to have to find a way to increase quality instead. Talk about your struggles.

I really wanted to put something meaningful here, and I had something, too, but I forgot it along the way. That's just how today's going to be, I guess. Joy and rapture.

Oh, and everyone should go see Speed Racer. I'd post about how everyone should go see Speed Racer, but in that time you could be at the theatre already.

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