Monday, December 10, 2007

Note to Self

So, you moved on Saturday. You're now broke and your arms hurt and your stuff is scattered to and fro like a tornado hit it. You've dug out a bunch of old books and movies, though, so that's good. Right? Yeah.

But you weren't responsible. On Saturday you were admittedly busy. But Sunday? What happened Sunday? You unpacked a bit. Then you played a couple of hours of Final Fantasy XII, despite the fact you told yourself you wouldn't touch that game again. Oh well. You're allowed a bit of fun now and then.

But did you write?

No. No you didn't. You thought about it. You wanted to, you say. But you didn't. Why not? The computer was set up. It was all waiting for you. Desiring to be written. The book isn't going to write itself, and March 1st is creeping up closer and closer. You have to finish WTC before you can edit MS.

So why didn't you write?

Yeah, I know you're tired and burnt out. Join the club. You've been writing hard and fast for a good while. But you have so much more time to go. You can take it easy in March, if you still feel like it. Until then, there is no excuse. Write!


Remember the dream and remember that nobody can achieve it but you.

note: Scheduled topid will have to wait until I'm less discombobulated. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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