Friday, December 21, 2007

Ow my jaw-divot!

So I'm sitting here yawning my fool head off. Over and over and over. And then I get the yawning cramp. Anyone who's seen me get the yawning cramp can contest to its power over me. You see, the yawning cramp is incredibly painful and impossible to work out.

Poke your chin. Now go underneath to the underside of your jaw. You'll feel the place where your jaw ends and your fleshy bits begin. That divot in between the sides of your jawbone? That's where I get my yawning cramp. Poke it harder, and feel the muscle. Then yawn deeply. You feel a tenseness in there? Turn that into a knot of hot agony and you have the yawning cramp.

There's no cure other than to wait for it to let go. I've tried. Jaw stretches (these hurt worse) and massage (not helpful) and even punching the underside of my face with a knuckle (probably the most effective, and you can understand how little effective that is). And that makes me sad.

So I finished WTC. Much rejoycing. Just to offer some stats, it currently weighs in at 303 pages and 1039XX words, off the top of my head. It's decent, but kinda messy and I skipped over two key scenes because I'm not sure what to do with them.

Now I'm editing. Editing is interesting. Going back over MS is like looking into a fun house mirror. You know what you expect to see and what you are seeing, but the two kind of blur sloppily into each other like runny watercolors.

If I want to have the novel to my readers by March 1 (Feb 29th would be even better, I'd celebrate that mamma jamma hardcore) I need to sit down and do about 1900 words a day. Yesterday I went through 3000. So maybe I'll end up giving it a pass and a half before I kick it off. It's hard to know when something's good and when it can be better without agonizing over every word forever and ever. Right now I'm jiggering things around, and trying to clean up writing (I love my commas like they're oxygen and caffeine) and all. Sooooo, yeah. We'll see how that works out. Expect lots more about writing between now and then.

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