Wednesday, December 19, 2007

You can't be serious. Me?

So, I went off to a local writers meating last night. It was a group I had heard of, but have never met up with. They always met out of the way, and I only knew one of the people there, good old Mr. Joe Snakeskin with his leather coat and longish hair combed back like some sort of 50s rebel--or Bruce Campbell.

But I was bored, so I went. And I really miss the ability to 'talk shop' with people who struggle with the 'shop' every day. There's no replacement for people who at least, on some level, aspire to similar things as you.

We sat and talked randomness. We also each read a bit aloud. I wasn't expecting that, but I decided to share anyway, which was met with enough approval to give me a nice ego-stroking for a while yet. Especially as I rocket across the finish line and into my editing of MS.

Most of them are hobby writers, but a few of them are hobby writers mostly out of a lack of motivation than a lack of desire for being a working writer. And I was told, after the fact, by a certain fellow that he was 'glad that I was a part of the group, because I was a great inspiration. It's hard to find a writer with concrete goals and you have a lot of concrete goals.'


That's the idea. When this blog is unleashed upon the world at large, it's still going to be like this. I rant about my thoughts and issues, mostly about writing, and the world can take what they want from it. I get discouraged and motivate myself. I try really hard to motivate others. Writing isn't easy, but writers make it much harder than it ever needs to be.

If it falls upon me to help usher people towards a discovery of their own potential? Well, doing is the best way of showing, and I'll do it all the way down the merry road to whatever distant end is ahead of me. I'm looking forward to it, actually. I aim to help. I aim to inspire. Not just writers, but anyone with a dream that they aren't sure about. Go and do it. Make your future. Only you can decide that.

In the end, we're all free to make our choices, we just have to be aware of the consequences and sacrifices along the road.

I'll talk about it again sometime, probably countless sometimes in the future. But it's still so true. There's no future but what we make for ourselves. And that's not just true for the big dreams of dreamers, but for the everyday operation of our lives.

PS: Tony's been wonderful and found me someone who could probably make me the nice banner graphic that I just don't have the time, materials, or patience to make right now. So expect a possible go-live of the new design before too long. Tony's been wonderful about it, and I’m excited for how pretty it looks.

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