Wednesday, January 2, 2008

And so ... my calendar's obsolete.

My Calendar

And that makes me very unhappy. It was a nice calendar by Anne Taintor, full of tongue-in-cheek semi-misogynist statements accompanied with pictures of happy 50s homemakers. It was offensive in a completely harmless, kitchy kind of way. I looked long and hard for a calendar that suited my moods and purposes, and now that it's worthless, I'm left wondering what I should get for this year.

There's always the Nuns Having Fun calendars. Those are a blast and a half.

Anyway, I spent New Year's Eve hanging out with people all over the globe, watching as we were suddenly displaced in time one after the other. That was cool. And then on New Year's Day, I made myself a banner image for the soon-to-be-utilized-or-else new format for your neighborhood friendly LRS blog.

I had a picture that Tony was nice enough to get a friend of his to do (thanks Kathleen!) and I did the lettering myself when I dled and started to play around with GIMP. Pretty swanky, if I do say so myself. Expect to see that up as soon as everything's sorta in place. Then the blog'll be playing with power.

Editing has been very touch and go. I find it very hard to focus on editing for any extensive period of time, and it's just plain old not-as-fun as the writing stage. I'm hoping to work through that, but at this rate I'll be pushed right up against my deadline unless I can make some strides.

I was going to do a bit on editing for the blog, as kind of some interesting, writing-related content, but I realized that I have nothing to contribute. I don't know what works and what doesn't with editing yet. I can hash out problems and whatnot, but making the text flow well, with efficiency and a good narrative voice, is a struggle to say the least. So I'm going to put the editing thing on hiatus until I feel like I have something to say about it.

In other news, I'm hoping to move up the time frame for fiddling with a webcomic from late summer to as soon as I get a tablet with my tax return. Playing with GIMP has left my mind aflame, and I keep getting ideas. So once I have a tablet, I'll begin that work, which should be entertaining (at least for me, and hopefully for anyone who reads it).

I've talked to some close friends about it, but I'm not sure yet if I'm going to link it to this blog, yet. It might be more fun to just have them as separate entities. Eventually, this will be the regularly published blog of a published author, and that comes with certain expectations and public image. It might be fun to just have the comic exist as a separate entity, and allow people who casually come across one or the other to enjoy them with the judgment of 'oh, I don't like his comic so I won't like his books' or 'I like his books so his comic must be similar' especially since the webcomic idea I have in mind bears very little (if any) resemblance to my proper fiction in terms of structure and theme.

It's a thought. Friends would know that I have a webcomic, as I've regularly discussed my desire to do one with them. In fact, it's because of them that I'm actually going to step up to the plate and give it a shot. All other decisions can be figured out when the time comes, because there's no point in worrying about them now.

And that's about all, I have to say. I would highly recommend that anyone who's anyone go out and see two movies this post-holiday season. Sweeney Todd is beautifully violent and great, joyous fun. And Juno is both very funny and rather touching, in a crazy, offbeat sort of way. Not to mention that Ellen Page is very hot in an indie sort of way.

With that, I'm off. Expect something else tomorrow, but lord know's what it might be. I'm flying blind here for a while.

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