Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Editing Mode: ENGAGED!

So, I'm in full-speed editing mode again. I took three weeks off to do ... well, nothing. I needed it. I'm done with that, though. I have an obligation to my work to get it done, so that's what I'm going to be focusing on now. I'm not sure I'll hit my March 1 deadline for getting the second draft done, but I shouldn't be too far over it, at this rate.

Expect blog posts to come slow and infrequently.

I will be updating the nifty progress bar my blog is now adorned with on the right, at the top. It'll have editing totals updated daily, as the amount edited grows and the total word count (hopefully) drops. I doubt anyone cares enough to check up on my daily progress, but if you do I will be entering it. It's mostly for my own satisfaction.

More whenever I feel inspired to provide it.


nick said...

the bar has already changed shape once. I look foward to the high paced action of your rising bar.

Adam said...

Go you, and w00t google lets me log in here? awesome.

i will actually keep a watch on your progress.