Sunday, March 2, 2008

And it's done!

This morning I finished my second draft of Marton Syan. The final word count, a neat 15,000 words less than when I started, can be found on the right for a little while longer until I take the bar down for a new one.

The book is off to my initial readers now, where they'll look it over and tell me what I missed or did wrong. Later, in the summer, I'll gather their opinions and give it another go. For now, I'm willing to bask in life without Marton Syan hanging over my head for a little while.

I have other updates forthcoming, including the next book I'll be starting work on come today or tomorrow. I'm very excited about this one, even if I'm very unsure of how it's going to go. It's much different than my usual work.

Until then, celebration!

1 comment:

Sarah Hurst said...

Hey, great job! I'm still a ways away on mine. Just eating dinner and back to work for me. Enjoy your celebration!