Monday, March 3, 2008

State of Blog (ver 1.2) Dry Spells and Priorities

I said that I would be doing periodic updates on the state of the blog, and I’m doing so in accordance with that. But first, a bit of an apology.

I’m bad about updating my blog regularly. That doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning it, or anything remotely like that. In fact, I plan to have this blog for a long, long time. Years upon years. It might eventually morph into a proper website, but it’ll still be here in some form or another.

Yet, lately I’ve been blogging less and less. Partially, I’ve been busier. Full-on editing mode took lots out of me, and I have other things I’ve been pursuing and other dalliances that have build up (friends convinced me to start watching TV shows, which is a bad bad idea when it comes to me being motivated).

Now the editing’s done and I’ll be moving on to another novel. I still don’t feel the desire to write any great articles on here. The problem is knowing what to say and how to say it. Lately I’ve felt the demands of ‘becoming better’ more keenly than before. Going through and looking at what I thought was decent work and seeing how much it lacked has driven me to improve my efforts on the novelling front. That said, I don’t really feel like spending time here, aside from the odd rant or jotting or whathaveyou.

I have a few things up and coming. The most important thing is the next novel, which I’ll start work on tonight. I will go ahead and set my word count expectation at 100000 words again, since that seems to be my standard. I’m actually guessing this one to come in at about 75,000. Just in terms of content being a lot more sparse than my usually densely narrated novels.

We’ll see. Once I’m comfortable the plan is working, I’ll throw up a plot description and title. It’s a great idea, I think. Maybe I’ll even put up an excerpt or two. This’ll be the first time I write a novel while blogging, so there are a lot of possibilities if I choose to explore them. I don’t know if I will or not. There are lot of things I could do with this blog. So many directions, and I’m only one person with a very limited amount of time and energy.

Word count goals for daily writing: 3000 words (settle for 2k), off Wednesday and maybe Friday

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